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Discover a smarter way to surf the web with BrowserGPT, the AI-powered browser extension that instantly summarizes web pages and answers your questions on-the-fly. Save time, reduce information overload, and boost your productivity as you navigate the world wide web.


Reduce information overload and save time with BrowserGPT's Quick Summarization, turning long articles and pages into short, easy-to-read summaries.


Make tough subjects easy to understand using BrowserGPT's Simple Explanations, breaking down hard topics into clear, everyday language.

Ask Questions, Get Answers.

Quickly get answers from a website's content using BrowserGPT's Instant Q&A, which utilizes ChatGPT to provide accurate and useful responses.


Enjoy BrowserGPT's Smart AI Assistance, giving you suggestions, ideas, and insights powered by ChatGPT, making your browsing experience better and more useful.